Flyin´Graces. Creating the vibe. Culturing Excellence.

As a brand strategy & integrated communication agency acting in
sectors of arts, crafts, design & style we offer brand representation, PR & communication services, sales management and reputation building. Our premise is to provide meaning and impact with visionary, tailor made solutions to enhance your unique vision, strengthen your brand positioning and increase your visibility, recognition, awareness and the sustainable growth of your business. Driven by passion, for all who create by heart. Founded by Catharina Banach.

Flyin´Graces is working with: Irene Anri Porcelain, Piotr Ambroziak, Tomek Bielak, Paul Bik, Izabela Chamczyk, Bartosz Czarnecki, Steffen Diemer, Fabian Freese, Goldia, Callum Green, Hanford & Römer, Pim Kersten, Piotr Korzeniowski, Marcin Kowalik, Made by Bjanka, Dolors Manrubia Fashion, Raphael Otto, Premium Selection Hotels, Roomique, Oliver Roura, Almudena Sanchez Jewelry, Michael Schultz Gallery Berlin, Bernd Schwarzer, Sense Dubai, Squaremeter Magazine, Jerzy Treit, Warsaw by Art, Weise & Partner Interior Design, Emil Zander Photography, Eva Zethraeus. And You?

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